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Cut Kuwait Co. is a local company based in Kuwait since 2014. Cut Kuwait Co., has been providing top quality design solutions for all over the world and specifically for the needs of creative industries, from elegant trophies to innovative invitations.

Mission & Vision: 

Your destination for a better workplace with everything you need to make your workplace easier with our stationaries and trophies to make your celebrations unique.

 We look forward to expand our products that serve and help employees and individuals in their practical and professional lives with smart and unique ideas, so that our website in the upcoming years will be the first destination in providing solutions and employee requirements with the highest efficiency, quality and speed.

Our website contributes to enriching the local market in Kuwait and then the Arab Gulf countries with all kinds of products that serve the employee, including shields and office supplies, with the highest quality and meet the requirements of our customers.

Our Products: 

CUT is an online platform that caters to your everyday practical needs.We serve you through 4 main categories: Trophies, Gifts, Stationery and Signs.All of our products are created with a lot of thought and all of them are intended to be useful, practical, and multi-use.

Our Team: 

The designs you find in CUT have all been thought of, designed, created, and packaged in Kuwait, by the people of Kuwait. This is something we consider a major advantage.

We take pride in the fact that Kuwait is known to be the hub of innovation in the GCC and MENA regions, and this is why we choose to operate the way we do. We want to continue serving value under the name of our country.

 Our biggest asset is our one-of-a-kind team of thinkers, designers, and creators. They add value to our company just as we aim to constantly add value to society. Together we help each other thrive.

Each product you see today has progressed harmoniously from one department to the next: from idea generation and validation, to design and implementation, to manufacturing and creation, to photography and marketing, and lastly to sales and customer service.

Every product in CUT has a whole team behind it that believes in it’s potential, as well as yours.

Where can you find us?

The head office is located in Shuwaikh Industrial 1, where we operate all of our designs and production.


Phone: +965 51399933

Instagram: CUTkw