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Mutqan Trophy

KD 25.000
A thoughtful way of saying thank you Clear trophy surrounded by high quality wood, with a circular design of "شكر وتقدير". With enough space to write your message below "شكر وتقدير". Measurements: 24 x 14 cm - Thickness: 3 cm - Materials: Acrylic, Wood GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Sincere Trophy

KD 35.000
YOUR SINCERE THANKS IN A TROPHY A suitable choice for any occasion to express your gratitude, with a wooden base and an iron handwritten word "Thank You" to give it a sense of recognition and gratefulness. Measurements: 33 x 12 cm - Thickness: 5 cm - Materials: Wood, Metal GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy