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KD 7.000
Drip is our chic and functional water bottle. Made of Stainless Steel 304 which is suitable for food and beverages. Vacuum Insulation Keeps water cold up to 24h, and hot up to 12h Color Powder Coating Won’t sweat or heat with ice or boiling water 100% BPA free 500 ml Choose your favorite color  

Maghazil Al Khair Souvenir

KD 8.000
A unique souvenir inspired by Kuwaiti culture celebrating Kuwaits National and Liberation day. A phrase from the famous song " Maghazil AlKhair " by Sanaa AlKharraz engraved on a circular acrylic piece placed on a wooden base connected to a model of a " Mighzal " made of acrylic and wrapped with threads of the Kuwait flag colors. Mighzal; A spindle is a straight spike usually made from wood used for spinning, twisting fibers such as wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn.   Materials: Acrylic, wood, wool threads.

Ramadan Imsakya

KD 14.000
Wooden base with imsakya paper pinned to a wooden stand in front of a candle and an acrylic stand with an islamic pattern. Materials: wood, acrylic, candle Size: 12 x 27 cm

Najma Trophy

KD 40.000
A collaboration with the Kuwaiti calligrapher Areej Al Salem. A beautifully designed trophy made for females. Made of wood with enough space to write your message and a black metal with a hand written sentence " مضيئة كما لو أنها نجمة " from the kuwaiti calligrapher Areej AlSalem in silver. Materials: Metal and wood Measurements: 32 x 27 cm Thickness: 4.5 cm   GCC shipping costs: 15 kd per trophy

Sorour Trophy

KD 26.000
Congrats your beloved ones with a trophy! A trophy made of a clear and black edges acrylic piece to write your message in gold connected to a wooden base with the sentence " ألف مبروك " engraved. Materials: wood, acrylic. Measurements: 18 x 23 cm Thickness: 5 cm GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Layers Trophy

KD 16.000
An acrylic based trophy, a clear acrylic piece to write your message, comes in 2 options either  " شكراً " or " مبروك" on the top in the color gold depending on your occasion connected to a navy acrylic base. Materials: Acrylic Measurements: 25 x 16 cm Thickness: 5 cm GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Express Trophy

KD 15.000
"If you want a simple yet beautiful trophy to express your gratitude, look so further. Made of Acrylic material with the word "شكراً" written on it, in addition to some islamic patterns in the background. Measurements: 10 x 18 cm - Thickness: 4 cm - Materials: Acrylic GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

2023 Calendar

KD 14.000
Now start planning for the New Year A calendar made of wooden base and drawings of the most famous landmarks of Kuwait made of acrylic, you are free to play around and arrange the landmarks as you like. Includes calendar papers. Measurements: 21 x 9 cm Height: 23 cm

AlKoufi Trophy

KD 18.000
"An elegant wooden plaque with authentic AlKoufi font to give a sense of our Islamic Culture, With enough space to write your message below "شكر وتقدير". Measurements: 24 x 12 cm - Thickness: 3.5 cm Materials: Wood GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Yaqout Trophy

KD 18.000
A simple nice blue trophy made of Acrylic with the word " thankyou " in arabic written on it, with a beautiful simple islamic pattern. With your choice of a phrase written below the word thankyou. Measurements: 14x24 cm Thickness: 2 cm Materials: Acrylic Size Without Package (LxWxHx): 14x24x2 GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Shukran Trophy

KD 35.000
A suitable choice for any occasion to express your gratitude, with a wooden base and an iron Arabic handwritten word "شكراً" to give it a sense of recognition and gratefulness. Measurements: 30 x 14 cm - Thickness: 5 cm - Materials: Wood, Metal GCC shipping costs: 5 kd per trophy

Padel Metal Trophy

KD 40.000
A beautiful twisted trophy made of a navy metal base with a model of a Padel racquet made of transparent acrylic with a padel ball on the base. You can write the winner's position along with the tournament name on the back half circle. Measurements: 32 x 24 cm Thickness: 8 cm Materials: Metal, Acrylic